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Specialists in Information Quality and Data Governance

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Check out Danette’s 3-Module Data Quality online course at Dataversity!

Do you need to solve these types of issues related to information quality and data governance?

  • A customer does not receive an order because of incorrect shipping data
  • Products are sold below cost due to wrong discount rates
  • A manufacturing line is stopped because parts were not ordered due to inaccurate inventory information
  • Your organization has struggled to cope with regulatory demands
  • Changes to product line data by one department impacted sales force compensation in another area of the company
  • Product release was delayed because of poor master data and the inability to find the people with the knowledge to correct the problem

How can we help you?

Through world-class consulting and training we provide a range of information quality and data governance services including:

  • Executive awareness
  • Training and workshops
  • Program assessment, design and implementation
  • Project planning and delivery
  • Team direction and alignment
  • Implementation services
  • Consulting for specific needs
  • One-on-one coaching

Here are some of the ways Granite Falls can help you achieve data quality and data governance success in your organization:

  • Consulting : Expert and proven, helping you deliver your initiative on-time
  • Training : Onsite and conference, accessible and affordable data quality training

What is Information Quality? Read more here.